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About Our Company

PROZON TRADES We Offer you the best forex Expert advisers that can make a consistent and reliable account growth, you doesn’t need to worry about anything when you are using our forex trading system. The account grow consistent and safely. Using our forex trading system make you feel relaxed because you will be able to trust it as it can handle all the market conditions as it uses multiple strategies that will adopt itself to current market conditions.


our history started in - 2007

We started to provide top-notch Financial Advisory Services for our client.

Top Advisory in 2018

In 2018, we were recognized as the leader in the FinancialResearch & Analysis services.

International Analyst Hired

We greatly increased the level of research and development by hiring international analyst.

Best Research Team

We have very Expensive & Experience team of CFA (Certified Financial Advisory) Professionals providing you best analysis the accurate research in all international Market Standard data.



Portfolio Management Services offer a customized investment portfolio managed by professional money managers to suit the investment objective of the investor.

Best Client Support

we will provide you best online and offfline support 24/7 via whatsapp,facebook,yahoo,messenger, telephone etc..

High Accuracy

we have best intraday accuracy level.our research and analysis based tips are intraday validity only which get target in a short time period.

Best Research Team

we have very expensive team of CFA(CERTIFIED FINANCIAL ADVISORY ) professional who provides you best call MCX market offer the accurate research in all international market standard data.

Best Long short time target

No more confusion our research tips are with one target and one stop loss with intraday accuracy.


Portfolio Management Services offer a customized investment portfolio managed by professional money managers to suit the investment objective of the investor.
Ours Strategies That Offering consistent High Return With very Low level Risk .
A good return many years trading track record is a noble achievement that’s being aspired to .
We believe in building positive long-lasting client relationships based upon trust and transparency.
PROZON TRADES was founded in 2007 .Thanks to the high quality of our services and our team of top-class professionals ,we have gained the trust of more than a 10k customers around the world and have taken a leading position in the international forex industry.


PROZON TRADES Educational Services ( PTES )

“The Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course”.
We have over 15 years combined professional trading experience. we turn people into traders, and traders into expert financial traders.ReadMore

PROZON TRADES Signal Services ( PTSS )

A stress-free approach to trading…
No need to spend time studying the charts, graphs, and patterns to identify an opportunity.
We will do all that for you!.ReadMore

PROZONTRADES Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Prozon Trades Portfolio Management Services focus to offer assistance in delivering long term growth to investors. Prozon Trades offer solution based portfolio management services on complete clients requirement and analysis report.ReadMore