Prozon Trades , Highly Expertise in Their Financial Research and Analysis by which They are conquered their Field with No.1 in India with their Existence From Last 12 years.Our company has been the leading Financial Research and Analysis provider of stocks , commodity and currency services to traders world wide .We pay attention to every aspect of our work.

Our Main Priority is To Have Best Client Relationship By Providing Individualistic & Exclusive Client Care Through Our Accurate Predictions Which Gives you Maximum Profits. Prozon Trades We Understand That The most important Factor Which Keeps us Motivated and Helps us Grow is our Large Happy Customer Base Across India and Global as well . Who Always provide us with their valuable Feedback Regarding Our Excellent Performance, Accuracy, Consistency, Dedication, Determination, Knowledge, Support, and Client Relations.We do understand very well That Consistency is Always More important than History.

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A WORD FROM Managing Director

Forex trading has never been easy and profitable, but we brought you the best forex trading expert advisors that can work non stop 24 hours in forex market to make a good profit. Our forex trading strategies are best because it was unique and world best top. So if you are using our forex trading strategies, you doesn’t need to worry about any thing in the market that how does market behave in different conditions.

Here are many people who lose their money in forex market but we not work like them. If you are looking for a gambling forex expert advisor that can make a huge profit in one night but can’t survive longer because they are very risky , then you are in wrong platform ,

we doesn’t offer any forex trading strategies that can make a huge profit in one night, but we work in forex market to generate a good profit but in safe way. If you are looking for a reliable, longer term and safe to your investment in forex trading , then you are on right place.

Managing Director / PROZON TRADES


Stocks, Commodity & Currency Services - 12 years
Technical & Fundamental Analysis - 10 years
Trading Advisory Research & Analysis - 8 years
Portfolio Management Services - 7 years